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Why use Feedles?

Local food relief for individuals

Saves you time

Less time searching for food when you need it most.

Less Food Waste

Help us reduce food waste and the harmful effects it has on the environment.

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Browse discounted groceries products available for purchase online.

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For when other related services are needed.

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See where and when the next nearby community meal will be held.

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Claim your hamper sooner by buying online.

Feedles is an ongoing project

This food relief finder, marketplace, and crowd-funding web platform that we have created here is the first step in our ongoing journey, with some of our future phases shared below.

Phase 2 - Social App / Web Platform (Dec '17)

Phase 3 - Redistribution Platforms (Jun '18)

Why are we helping?


The food waste problem is large, a real hidden crisis in Australia with at least 2 million children going hungry at some point in the last 12 months and over 8 billion dollars in yearly economic costs to the Australian economy.  With enough food to feed more than twice the Australian population being produced each day, we strongly feel there is a gap that we can assist with.

1 in 5

Shopping bags are being thrown out, with 20% of our perfectly edible food going straight to the bin.

1 in 6

Australians suffered from food insecurity in the past 12 months – at least 30% of these were children.


We aim to be Australia’s largest food relief community directory and the most widely used marketplace for surplus food (donated or sold) – helping local businesses and people in the community save money, have access to healthy food and fight food waste.


Quickly find the closest food relief, discounted grocery stores and food hampers based on your location.


Donate food (or money) to local community and charity groups – or volunteer your time to help with their charity work.


Save money, eat well and support your local community by buying surplus food direct from your local bakeries, restaurants and businesses.

198 Food relief providers listed
…and counting, with the Feedles team helping to find more each day from publicly available data.

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Perfectly edible, healthy and yummy food shouldn’t have to go to waste when so many Australians are food insecure.

Community donations are used to purchase and provide free food parcels for those in need.


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